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2C English

This is a message for (my 2C group  three students). I leave a link here for you to make some revision before the exam. Birpasoa egiteko : egin file 2, 3,4,5,6,7, eta bakarrik lessons A eta B, vale? erantzunak … Seguir leyendo

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2C Some listening tasks

Hi dear students, I was thinking you might want to do some listening. So here  I leave you some links where you can work on it: Listening task 1.  Listening task 2 “Now that football is really in, I mean … Seguir leyendo

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Verb tenses revision 2C

Hi There! Is everything  O.K? I hope so. Here you have some ” extra homework”. O.K, O.k , I know….. but remember “If you work now You’ll have a wonderful summer” So, cheer up! imma mixed tenses

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the exercises + all your doubts

Remember the exam will be on the 8th!

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