Verb tenses revision 2C

Hi There!

Is everything  O.K? I hope so. Here you have some ” extra homework”. O.K, O.k , I know….. but remember “If you work now You’ll have a wonderful summer”

So, cheer up!


mixed tenses

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8 respuestas a Verb tenses revision 2C

  1. I think I will pass the exam , but it’s gonig to be difficult . Good Bye Imma 🙂

  2. Laura. dijo:

    The ejercices are very helpful for the exam. I hope we’ll pass our exams with that help. Thank you very much Imma.

  3. Alex Esnaola dijo:

    The work isn’t very difficult but it is a bit confusing. I confuses me a bit.

  4. Yrama dijo:

    Imma no entiendo nada de verdad ,bueno esta ficha es muy util,gracias 🙂

  5. Alex dijo:

    Hi Imma,
    I will write this task here because I cannot find any other place to write.
    I will start:
    We had a very good group this year and we had a good tutor too. I’m going to speak subject to subject.
    ·Science: The first and second terms were very easy but the last term was more difficult than the other terms.
    ·History & Geografy: When we did history it was very easy but the geography was very difficult.
    ·P.E: It wasn’t a very exciting lesson this year because we were always doing skipping , but when I got the hang, it was good.
    ·Spanish: It was an easy year, because with Nerea we have done the book very fast and very well.
    ·Basque: I learned so much in Basque with Janire because she takes the class very well.
    ·English: I learned more English, because now I can do a work very well and I can speak about a lot of things with other people.
    ·Mathematics: It was a hard year because we had five different teachers in a term.
    ·Music: Music was easy but playing the flute was very difficult.
    ·Technology: It was a very good year. We did an interestin proyect ( a car) and now we are scheduling a robot.
    ·Citizenship: I didn’t learn so much but it was a new esperience.
    ·Religion: We had other magnific group with people of 2.B. I really like this group.

    I can say this school year was very good to me. I hope next year we will be together, too.
    Thanks Imma for this year. I’m going to visit your blog whenever I can and I’m going to write some notes here.

    Thanks 🙂

  6. Julene Barkin dijo:

    Hi Imma 🙂
    How are you ? I`m very good . I am in Galicia with my family .
    Imma , thanks for this year with you , ok ?
    Kisses Julene 😀

  7. Julene dijo:

    Immaaaaa (: How are you ? We ‘re very well 🙂 Where are you ? in zalla ? We don’t know nothing about you jaja 🙂
    Alex is going to go to England this summer , he is very happy (;
    Oooh , I am not going to England or Ireland , because I haven’t got any BECA , but my mark is 9,54 ^^ Bye Imma , kisses !


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