2C Some listening tasks

Hi dear students,

I was thinking you might want to do some listening. So here  I leave you some links where you can work on it: Listening task 1.  Listening task 2 “Now that football is really in, I mean everywhere task 3 ”  Listening task 4 Listening 5 Click on the headphones to listen and then answer the questions. You can correct yourself with the answersheet.

  • You don’t have to do this for tomorrow, please it is just extra work. You can do it if you fell like doing it and ONLY if you don’t have any other work or exam to do. o.k.?
  • Ahhhhh! By the way, you know I dont like football, but for those of you who love football there is this link here , where you can read , listen to podcast and learn new vocabulary related to football. It is a good way to learn more having fun, isn’t it? – Ingelesa ikas desakezue ondo pasatzen duzuen bitartean, demasekoa, ezta?
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